Satisfying Your Kid’s Creative Urge

To liven up your child’s spirit and to give his creative urge an outlet, spare out a Sunday and get him to join you in doing up his room. Every kid has a creative being inside which needs proper orientation so as to become constructive and not destructive.

There are lots of activities that your child does, which express his creativity, but which leave you annoyed because of the added burden of clearing up the mess that comes along. Here are some ways in which you can satisfy his creative urge and still avoid any mess in the house.

Growing kids usually love to paint and draw, and in most cases it can be quite troublesome for you because they usually choose the walls as the canvas. So how about giving them a canvas on the wall, its simple get a role of white drawing paper and run it around the room covering the bottom 1/3 of the walls. So now your kid has a wide enough canvas to perfect his art and you needn’t worry about your expensive wallpaper or wall paint getting ruined.

Most kids love to play with colors and keep drawing weird things on paper, don’t throw them away instead select a few which have a nice color scheme and get them framed. And believe me they will look way better on your walls than the abstract art that you pick up from galleries for a real high price. So you don’t need to buy expensive art work anymore and the added advantage is that this will help your kid to take pride in his creative arts.

Are you tired of seeing your kid tearing magazines and newspapers and spreading them all around your house? Although you might find it irritating, I’d say it is creative and just requires a bit of a directional change. Teach your kid how to tear the magazines and newspapers in such a way as to collect pictures of animals, birds, cartoons or celebrities which can later be arranged into a meaningful collage. This way you are saved from the trouble of having to clear up the mess, while at the same time helping him to learn how to relate and organize things for a meaningful purpose.

The central idea we’re trying to put across is that don’t put a stop on your child’s creativity rather look for alternative solutions and redirect his creativity towards something productive.

Sidharth Thakur