Salon Tan or Self Tan Which is the Better Bet?


If you can afford over $60, you can go to a spa salon and get a salon tan & an exfoliation of your full body done easily.The self tanner with airbrush bronzing when, professionally applied is the best way and there is a fine mist that settles over the body, as a result of that.

The less expensive option for salon tanning is the spray tanning. The session should take $20 or even more. There are some very popular tan chains in the US, which you can try out.

But if you are using self tanner, it is an easy process. The pony tail can be tied very high so that the neck region or the region at the back of the ears is free of hair.The skin should be first exfoliated and cleaned but no moisturizer is to be used, as that can clash with the tanner.

You may apply some cream under the eye if you want the color under the eyes to be lighter as that should make you look younger. You can now blend some self tanner and some moisturizer on the palm of your hand and then apply the mixture on the neck and your face.

You would have to make that a shade darker than your usual color.

The color should develop within a few hours and then some bronzer can be applied to the nose, the cheeks and the forehead that makes the skin shine naturally. You can also spread the tanner on the upper ears and the earlobes.You must not skip the sunscreen.

For the self tan of the body, you can start by first exfoliating your skin with a good quality scrub,and then apply self tanner on areas that need special attention.

The hairs in these parts can be shaved before applying the tan. You can use a body oil and apply some Vaseline on the nails and the cuticles. This saves the nails from staining.

You can start applying the tanner on every limb, starting from the legs. You can apply on the calf, the toes, the feet and the ankles. You should use it on the knee and then on the stomach and also on the arms and the shoulders.

You should wait for another ten minutes before you dress up and also avoid sweating for the next few hours. If the tans hasn’t really set, then it can cause streaking. The tan can be removed from your hands by rubbing the palms with a wash cloth and rubbing the cloth well between fingers.

You should be able to pick the right tanner for yourself. Some are created only for the face and there are others like the enhancers, the tinted tans, bronzing gel, the cream tans and so on.You can apply the tan and then follow that up with some bronzing powder.

For preventing real goof up, you can fix the matter with an astringent toner or may be sometimes with toothpaste.

You should give the tan enough time to develop.