Safety Quotient Of Mineral Make Up

Mineral Make Up

Mineral Make Up There are many kinds of cosmetic products which can cause the outbreak of allergy on your skin. So when you are choosing your own make up, it is very important that you consider whether any side effects are likely to occur on your skin when you use it.

You also have to take into account what sort of skin you have, whether dry, oil or combination skin.

What Is Mineral Make Up?

Mineral Make Up is natural make up which does not contain any preservatives, dyes and chemicals. Mineral Make Up is comprised of minerals which are finely ground. These are zinc, mica, magnesium, gold and titanium. Such makeup is therefore very safe to use and is gaining plenty of popularity these days.

Mineral make up products are composed of one hundred percent natural minerals. When you use this type of natural make up, such make up will rest on your face and will not clog the pores of your facial skin. By using natural make up cosmetics, you can achieve heavy, medium or light coverage that is tailored in accordance with the needs of your skin. There are many advantages and disadvantages as far as these products are concerned.

This kind of make up contains ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Both these ingredients have inflammatory qualities. Most brands of such products however, have in built sun protection in them. If you compare the disadvantages of natural Mineral Make Up products with the advantages of these products, then you will find that the advantages of the mineral products are more than the disadvantages. This kind of makeup is usually considered as noncomedogenic.

Tips On How To Apply Mineral Make Up

You should apply mineral make up on your face by using a make up brush. A kabuki brush would be ideal as this sort of cosmetic product is very dusty and such a brush could keep the powder from spreading everywhere. If you are applying natural Mineral Make Up in its liquid form, then you should apply it with your finger tips in order to make sure that it spreads out evenly all over your face. Keep the weather conditions in mind when you are applying such cosmetics on your face. If it is summer time then you should avoid using loud , rich and deep colours. You should opt for lighter colours in the summer. In winter, you can choose rich and deep Mineral Make Up colours.

How To Deal With The Side Effects Of Mineral Make Up

Mineral Make Up products can cause your skin to dry up a lot. This is because of the drying effect of the ingredients it possesses such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide. You can minimize the loss of moisture by applying a rich night face cream or a moisturizer before you apply this natural product on your face. Mineral Make Up products tend to have an exfoliating effect on skin. This is excellent if your skin is prone to acne problems. However, if your skin is very dry, then you can compensate for such extra exfoliation by reducing your usage of exfoliating products such as home based microdermabrasion treatments and astringents.

Working of Make Up

The titanium oxide contained in these cosmetics diffuses as well as reflects light. This helps to camoflauge the blemishes on skin such as acne scars and age spots. When you are using a mineral  product, you need to apply it in absolutely full spectrum light. This will help you to know how the make up shade which you selected actually looks on your skin.

For example, you can apply your Mineral Make Up cosmetics and then go out in the sun and see how you look in the sun light. You might get scared by the results. You might appear to be two shades darker or lighter than what you did when you were inside your room. Once you know how make up looks on you when you are in full spectrum light, then you can adjust your shade of make up accordingly.

Problems of Make Up

Dryness and itching are common problems associated with the application of Mineral Make Up products. Both these problems are interrelated. You can  find out if you are allergic to mineral cosmetics by conducting a patch test on your forearm. Before you perform this test, you have to clean approximately an area of one square inch over your forearm. After that you should let this area dry.

Thereafter you must apply a very light natural Mineral Make Up layer on your skin. Then leave it on for around twenty four hours. If there is no redness, itching or rash, then you do not have to worry that you might be allergic to such products. In case there are allergic symptoms that surface, then you must discontinue the use of Mineral Make Up products. Mineral cosmetic allergies can also be caused by the brush you are using to apply your Mineral Make Up.

Protection Along With Make Up

When you are using mineral cosmetics, you must always use a good sun screen lotion. Mineral cosmetics contain Bismuth Oxychloride. This is a very popular and common ingredient which is contained in both traditional make up as well as Mineral Make Up. You can avail of several brands of Mineral Make Up. After you have thoroughly analysed the Mineral Make Up products, you should opt for one which will not be likely to cause any harmful side effects.

You should decide whether you want to buy such a product on the basis of what type of skin you possess. You should also ascertain whether the ingredients of the Mineral Make Up product which you choose are actually natural or not. Mineral Make Up cosmetics are very dusty, so you are likely to create quite a mess when you are applying this type of cosmetics on your face. You must practice controlling dust if you want to apply your Mineral Make Up in a tidy fashion.

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