Safe Ways to Induce Labor Naturally

Some mothers get tired of being pregnant; especially if they haven’t delivered even after the due date.

This leads to acute discomfort and frustration. There are a few ways to induce labor naturally however you must not look into these methods or try them without an approval from your surgeon and gynecologist.

Visiting an acupressure therapist may benefit you as there are several pressure points that you help to induce labor. Only a certified practitioner must be approached in this case and this treatment must be performed only under the supervision of the gynecologist.

Mix castor oil with your food. The oil will create a sensation of diarrhea for several hours. If you are using this as a method of inducing labor you must inform the mid wife in advance as you may deliver the baby within a few hours after consuming the oil.

If you experience contraction however they are very mild and want to induce labor then you need to walk briskly. This is a simple way to induce labor and it does not cause any harm. The risks are very low in this type method. Walking or changing positions frequently is a simple and effective way of inducing labor even if you are over due.

Massages are very effective in inducing labor. It works on the same concept as the acupressure. Massage the hands, feet and temples on the forehead to relax the person. This will increase the production of the hormones and once the woman is completely relaxed she will begin to experience contractions.

Spicy foods are known to get the contractions going however there is no evidence to prove that eating his type of food works.

Some women swear that eating pineapples induce labor and cause contractions quickly. Others claim the same thing about papayas. Though these may have been a boon for some women there is no scientific evidence to prove it. You may choose to try these methods but do not expect any miracles.

Remember, whatever method you choose to try to induce labor you need to always relax and stay calm. Getting stressed out when you are pregnant does not help you in any way and is harmful to your baby. Let nature take it course and your baby will come at the right time.