Safe Body Piercing and Aftercare

Once you have decided to get some body piercing to perk up your looks and increase your style quotient, the most important decision is about choosing the right piercing professional. Definitely you would want the body piercing experience to be absolutely safe and unproblematic.

Whatever body piercing shop you select, do ensure that the shop has proper equipment that is required for body piercing and most importantly an autoclave in which the piercing tools and jewelry are sterilized before the procedure. You sure love your life, and don’t want to catch on some HIV or hepatitis, so ask the piercing professional to show you the latest test reports for his autoclave. Most of the good body piercing shops usually have this certificate framed and displayed somewhere in there shop.

When the professional begins with the piercing process, check that he is wearing a fresh pair of gloves and using fresh sealed disposable needles. Also before you leave his place don’t forget to ask him for all the aftercare instructions to be followed. While your body piercing professional will give you advice on aftercare, in case he does not provide printed material, here are some things that you need to include in your aftercare program to keep away from irritation and inflammation.

Your doctor always tells you not to touch your wounds with your hands to avoid infections, and the same rule goes here because body piercing also makes a small wound which should not be touched till it has healed completely. Vitamin C and Zinc based supplements can be had to speed up the healing process.

A mild saline solution can be applied to the pierced area to promote faster healing and to kill infection causing germs. But do this only with sterilized cotton and properly washed hands. On alternate days you can also wash the area with a mild liquid soap, but don’t do this too often. Don’t use the usual disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide because they are too harsh. Also avoid using any antibiotic creams or ointments since they block the oxygen supply making the healing process slower while also acting as dirt collectors.

Body piercing can certainly make you look stylish, but to avoid the risks get it done only by a certified professional and follow a good aftercare program.

Sidharth Thakur