Runways Hottest Trends for Summer Spring

Women are keen on keeping up with the current trends and hence we have a list of the hottest trends this year. Have a look at what is considered hot and happening. These styling tips will make you look stunning and uber stylish.

This year is all about flowers. From wearing floral prints to wearing flowers in your hair – anything and everything related to ‘flowers’ are the in thing this year.

You can wear a floral printed dress or have accessories like handbags and hair accessories with flowers on them. If you can think of anything floral then wear a flower in your hair before heading out for dinner.

The lingerie look is making big news this year. Personally I am not very keen on this look; however if you want to get in on this trend then you are most welcome to do so. Wear a silky camisole or a revealing bra over a camisole to get in on this trend.

The military look is making news this year across the globe. Military prints, jackets and even accessories like belts and bags are very popular. The army jacket is a favorite amongst a lot of celebs including Beyonce and Posh Spice. Jackets with shoulder pads in military green are also a huge trend.

Neons are back from the eighties. Bright flashy pinks, yellows and green are colors that will be common this summer. If you are not bold enough to wear them in your attire you can feature them in your accessories.

Leggings are a great article of clothing; however the latest trend is to wear them in prints and splashed paints. Psychedelic printed leggings are common this year- black and white prints were popular this year on the runway of most designers.

Tie dye fabrics and prints are great for the summer as they are light, fun and breathable. This print can be used for evening dresses as well as casual daywear.

Another print that is making waves this year in summer and spring collection is the tribal print. The print was popular on the runway in orange hues however this print will retail in different colors shortly.

You can also sport this print on your shoes; it will look perfect on a dress in a monotone. A splendid way to dress up an outfit is to sport an accessory in a tribal print.

Lastly, you need to have a pair of shorts in your summer collections. Designers featured hot shorts known as ‘shorty shorts.’ These are micro mini shorts that can be worn with loose flowing blouses or with fitted blazers of jackets.

If you are not comfortable wearing a pair of micro mini shorts you can always wear them with a pair of leggings or tights if you have thick thighs.