Romantic Ways To Set Up A Bedroom

Romantic Ways To Set Up A Bedroom

Romantic Ways To Set Up A Bedroom Is there no or very limited romance in your life? Your bedroom setting could be one of the culprits. Create a serene and amorous atmosphere with these tips and celebrate Valentine’s Day throughout the year.

Comfortable Bed

A comfy double bed is the basic minimum requirement in a bedroom. It should have a comfortable mattress, with a feather mattress cover. Soft cotton sheets in pastel shades or vibrant hues—as you prefer—are the next step. Get good pillows in various sizes and covers for a luxurious look and feel. And finally garnish your bed with duvets, blankets or just bed covers in bold and interesting prints, dots, stripes, checks etc.

Floral motifs are very effective for bedroom furnishings. Even paisley or other decorative prints will add a soft touch to the room. Bind all the elements with a colour or pattern. Vary the scale of the prints and stick to a single or two colours. Even a third colour in muted shade can be combined effectively.

For a serene look, go for neutral shades. Or unleash your wild streaks with bright shades.  Create an interesting headboard with a Continental hand-painted one or an upholstered one. Even a canopy bed, embellished with sheer bed curtains will infuse romance into your room. Mix and match these elements cleverly and create a look that will invite the two of you to snuggle together in the bed.

Dreamy Lighting

The look of a room can be dramatically altered with lights. Mix different sources of lights like the lamps on the nightstand, wall scones and pendant lamps. Let the light fall on the floor or on the ceiling and not directly on the bed while you are romancing, to create a sense of mystery and the right mood. Lampshades with perforated designs or woven shades will create interesting patterns on the floor and ceiling, adding to the room’s appeal. And do not forget the dimmers.

Pleasing  Colours

Certain colours like green, bright yellow and neon blue may kill your romance while others such as light plum, orange, rose, apricots, cherry, and gold are some of the body flattering shades that will aid in enriching your love life. A little shiny wall colour or a textured wall will immediately create a focal point in your room. An elaborately patterned wall paper in a bright shade on two walls can be balanced with the same pattern in cream or muted shade on the other two.


Thoughtful accessories and decoratives will surely add fuel to your romance. Place a pair or more candle stands of different sizes in shinning silver on your dresser. The dramatic display will bring the two of you closer. A tall and slim silver-plated vase can hold a single or more roses to give company to the stands.

Arrange your bedside table with photos of you two in romantic poses, in attractive frames. In addition decorate with a crystal vase, colourful and sweet smelling flowers,and keep a few bottles of your favourite perfume at hand.

Some erotic artwork on the wall or graphic prints on the pillow will initiate you two to get into the act. Put a handful of floating candles and rose petals in a big water-filled bowl and place it on the floor or on a console. A few drops of some aromatic oils will envelop you with a divine scent.

Put some music on. A playlist should be created specially for the bedroom with romantic numbers, which can go on for hours. Long mirrors with interesting frames will not only add a touch of glamour but also raise the passion with your reflections.


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