Role of Conversation in Sex and Relationship

It is important to understand the role of conversation in a relationship, while woman understand this, men tend to ignore the importance of conversation in a relationship.

If only men understood the fact that women loved to interact then the relationship between a man and woman would always have been stronger. The relationship would be more strong and fulfilling only if men could understand this little fact about women.

Talking is like coming closer for a woman. They tend to attach a lot of importance to conversation in sex. Sex is merely mechanical for women if they do not feel that men are interesting in talking.

Men may have an opposite behavior and they like to have sex just for sex while sex is not fulfilling for woman until and unless there is emotions involved in it. Sex is a way of coming emotionally closer for woman. Therefore its quite understandable that they will love the fact if their men talk to them. Sex is just an extension of intimacy and feeling of being together for woman.

Conversation is not merely sharing of information but it is sharing of thoughts and emotions for woman. It makes a relationship stronger. Therefore men should start attaching a lot of importance to conversation. While you converse with your partner you can reveal all your thoughts and problems.

It works as stress reliever. The other person may be able to help you sort out the problems you are facing. He or she may at least relieve the tension. Therefore there should be regular conversation in a relationship.

There are a lot that one can get through the conversations like the likings and disliking of your partner. Accordingly you can change the way you do things and at least make him or her understand that why you do a thing which the other person does not like. There is a likelihood that the other person will understand and the problem will get resolved.

Man may just like the looks of a person but woman enjoy and are turned on by a conversation. They love to talk and share. Therefore you need to talk and disclose your true feelings by a conversation with your partner.