Risks To Avoid During Early Pregnancy

Risks To Avoid During Early Pregnancy Pregnancy is a major, life-altering event for a woman. Your body will be trying very hard to cope with the rigours and stresses of a new baby in your womb so it makes a lot of sense to avoid putting yourself at risk.

Certain risks can cause untold harm to you and your baby. These risks have a far-reaching impact especially during the critical first trimester when the baby is growing rapidly. Here are some of the unnecessary risks that you can avoid in order to stay fit and healthy.

Risks To Avoid During Early Pregnancy


Smoking should be banned especially if you are pregnant. Smoking has been linked to premature births and babies with foetal abnormalities. Even passive smoking can harm you and the baby so encourage your partner to give up the habit or ask him to not smoke in your presence. It has been shown that women who smoke are putting their babies at risk of dying from cot death.


Consuming alcohol even in moderate amounts during the early months is very harmful for the baby. Alcohol consumption can lead to a condition called as foetal alcohol syndrome. While it is safe to have a glass of wine occasionally, it is best to avoid alcohol completely.

Strenuous Exercise

Exercise is very good for a pregnant woman but avoid exercising strenuously. High impact exercise can hurt your joints and put you at risk for miscarriages especially during the first trimester. Opt for walking, stretching and yoga as these are highly recommended for pregnant women.


Consuming excessive caffeine in the form of tea and coffee is said to increasethe risk of miscarriages. It is better to restrict yourself to not more than a cup of coffee.

Risks To Avoid During Early Pregnancy

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This parasite is found in uncooked meats, cheese and unpasteurized milk. It can also be found in undercooked eggs. The parasite can prove to be dangerous to the baby and is said to be responsible for miscarriages and still births. Avoid eating outside and make sure all your food is cooked well.

OTC Medication

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Pregnancy is not the time to pop pills indiscriminately. Even something as mild as aspirin can harm the baby. Consult your doctor before taking any medication. There are medicines, which are safe to take during pregnancy. You can take these to prevent any discomfort.

Viral Diseases

Viral diseases like measles are exceedingly harmful for both the mother and the baby. Be careful of hepatitis especially if you have had it in the past. Make sure you are vaccinated against these diseases.

Scuba Diving And Amusement Parks

Going for deep sea diving is very harmful for the mother and the baby because of the high pressure. Avoid fast rides in amusement parks. In any case, most amusement parks do not allow pregnant women to go for rides.

Excessive Traveling

Excessive traveling especially by road can be exhausting and tiring for the mother. These should be avoided at all costs. Eating on the move can also put you at risk for food poisoning.

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