Risks of Liposuction

On the outer front, liposuction may seem like the magical way to lose weight quickly and effortlessly. But before you decide in favor of liposuction, it is advisable to understand the risks and complications associated with liposuction.

Get to know the whole procedure, its limitations and the possible side effects and then make an informed decision about whether or not liposuction is meant for you.

The most common risks are:

Just like all other surgeries, liposuction leaves you vulnerable to infections. After all the procedure is invasive and if you do not follow the regular precautions, the incisions may develop infections. Friction burns are also common, because of the tube that is inserted under the skin to suck out fat.

The skin may suffer a lot of damage, and some of the scars left by the surgery can turn permanent. Internal damage to organs can also occur when the surgeon is trying to suck out the fat deposits which are close to vital organs. There have been many cases where the inserted tube hit the internal organs causing permanent damage to them.

Since liposuction is an invasive procedure, internal bleeding and formation of blood clots can never be ruled out. And things can turn really worst if the blood clot enters the main blood stream and block the veins.

Fluid loss, which can often turn fatal, is also associated with liposuction. Especially if the surgery is not conducted in the right way. If too much of fat is sucked out from one spot in one session, the skin may turn loose and hanging. Although, in most cases the skin will get back to normal within a few months, in some medical intervention may also not be able to normalize the skin completely.

Fluid and abscess formation around the point of incision are also not uncommon, and for these the surgeon may have to puncture the skin again to drain out the fluids. Apparently, there are lots of risks associated with liposuction, but these can be minimized by getting yourself thoroughly examined to find out whether you are in good health to undergo the surgery and by getting the procedure performed at a good and reputed liposuction clinic.

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