Risks Involved With Ultrasound Scans During Pregnancy

Ultrasound scan In Pregnancy

Ultrasound scan In Pregnancy It is not correct to say that ultrasound scans are 100% safe as there are some risks involved with these scans. This article will highlight some of those risks. Sound waves are used in ultrasound scanning. These sound waves can increase your blood flow, put added stress on your tissues and increase fluid mobility that surrounds your tissues thereby putting pressure on them.

If you are pregnant then there is some piece of advice for you. Before going for an ultrasound, you should keep in mind the risks involved with it.

Disadvantages Of An Ultrasound Examination

Ultrasound scanning may increase the risk of miscarriage. You may also be required to go through labor before your due date. An ultrasound may also result in infant mortality. Your chances of having an abortion are likely to increase if you go for an ultrasound often. Therefore, you should go for it only when necessary.

Importance Of An Ultrasound Examination

Though there are some disadvantages of an ultrasound examination but this does not mean that there is no benefit attached to it. Ultrasound plays a very important role in identifying a condition called placental praevia. This condition determines whether a pregnant woman will have a cesarean section or not. Many pregnant women willingly go for endless sessions of ultrasound to know about serious complications that may arise at any stage of pregnancy. Your unborn baby may also have speech and learning problems later in his or her life due to ultrasound.

Under What Circumstances Should You Go For An Ultrasound Examination

However, there are certain conditions under which you may be required to undergo an ultrasound examination for the safety of your baby. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure then your health care provider may ask you to undergo an ultrasound examination. Ultrasound is harmful for your baby if the temperature of your tissues rises to 36 degrees. The person who is performing an ultrasound examination should be well qualified and an expert in this job.

Sex Of Baby

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The other things which you can get to know with an ultrasound examination are sex of your baby, gestational age, multiple pregnancies and the position of your baby. Ultrasound can tell you the sex of your baby but many practitioners prefer not to reveal it to the expecting parents. There are strict guidelines which should be followed by practitioners before performing an ultrasound examination. This test can also reveal whether you are going to have twins or not.

Why Is An Ultrasound Examination Performed?

Health care providers recommend ultrasound to pregnant women to get information about their due date, to determine the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, to find the presence of genetic disorders etc.

Therefore, it would be better if you talk to your health care provider and discuss with him or her any health issues before going for an ultrasound. You can also request him or her not to call you for an ultrasound examination often. You should protect your baby from getting exposed to ultrasound waves as much as possible.

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