Risks and Complications Associated with Rhinoplasty

Whether you’re going in for the plastic surgery of the nose, for aesthetic reasons or to get rid of functional problems, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the likely risks and complications associated with the surgery.

Despite how good your surgeon is, there is no guarantee of not developing any complications after the surgery.

Here are some of the effects that the patient may encounter after going through rhinoplasty.

Bleeding on the inside of the nose may happen every now and then for up to a month after the surgery. However you should avoid blowing your nose or inserting your finger into the nostrils to clean away the dried blood clots. The dried blood clots will come out on their own within a day or two, so just be patient.

In some patients, tiny blood vessels on the outer surface of the nose may burst and leave behind permanent marks. However, this normally doesn’t happen if you don’t touch or scratch the nose till your nose has fully recovered after rhinoplasty. The nose may feel sore and itchy, but you should try nothing but the medication prescribed by your plastic surgeon.

Wound infections can occur, leading to abscess formation, but these can be easily treated using drainage techniques and by administering antibiotics.

Although rare, some people do experience loss of smell, and while in some cases this problem may disappear on its own within a few weeks in others this may become permanent.

Every plastic surgery of the nose doesn’t promise to deliver the desirable results. Sometimes, something may go wrong either during the surgery or during after care, which can result in the nose shape becoming abnormal. And to avoid this problem you have just two options, one you must go to a reputed plastic surgeon only and two you must stick to the after care as advised by your surgeon.

Apart from these major risks and complications, the regular pain, swelling, discoloration and numbness may trouble you for a few weeks after the nose surgery, but all these will slowly subside on their own.

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Sidharth Thakur