Revitalizing Hair Masks

hair-mask The winter chill can run havoc on your hair and so does the summer heat, but with some extra attention and care, your hair can stay delightful all through the year.

The biggest hair problem is the wild frizz, and well the good news is that there is no dearth of hair care products to deal with this problem.

There are special shampoos, conditioners and hair care products which deeply moisturize your hair and beat down the frizz. But when they fail to produce the desired results, then your only hope is a hair revitalizing mask.

A wide variety of hair revitalizing mask are available at the cosmetic stores, and you can easily find one that can take care of your particular hair problems. The branded ones, especially those which contain only natural ingredients are fairly expensive but with these you can give your hair a spa like treatment all by yourself.

The natural revitalizing masks contain natural herbs, which have a lot of beneficial effects on your hair, and although a bit expensive most of these won’t cost you more than $10. Most of these masks need to be left on the hair for about ten to fifteen minutes, so it’s not really difficult to accommodate this into your hectic and time crunched routine.

You may begin to see the positive results just after the first mask, but for stronger and longer lasting results you need to apply these hair revitalizing masks about twice a week, for three to four weeks.

Apart from providing your hair with the needed moisture, these revitalizing masks will supply your hair with proteins and minerals, leaving them soft, shiny, silky and smooth.

However, if you don’t feel like buying one you can always make a hair revitalizing mask at home by mixing in some olive oil and yogurt into an egg. Leave this on your hair for about fifteen minutes after shampooing your hair, and then rinse it off your hair with warm water.

Sidharth Thakur