Retro Fashion, Old Wine in a New Bottle

If you are in love with fashion that is passé, there is always a chance of its recovery. In fashion nothing dies out and hence the term Retro style have come in vogue.

It is a revival of the fashion of yesteryears with a slight change here and there that makes it look trendy and smart. Considering all these points, you can now look into fashion and style from a different angle.

The bell bottom trousers of yester years, for an instance, are back and the present style is perhaps referred to as the Boot cut fashion. They have that bell shape but definitely the flair is a bit too small. Consider whether it would be suitable enough for you depending on your figure.

Nowadays the Retro look of the fifties and the sixties is back and they first are seen on the TV soaps and serials. Then the fashion spreads like wild fire and becomes a rage.

There is the Retro style catching up in the Swift dress of Christine Hendricks in Mad Men. However, the look although can become much popular for a short while and soon pop in and out of fashion anytime. But the boot cut and the swift dress can be back soon so don’t you get away with them for good.

Anything that is the rage might not look good on you but you think you must wear that because it looks super cute or you have received it as a present is not worth it. The outfit should look good on you and be a good fit on you. You can wear anything that fits the shape and size of the body.

You can mix and match a Retro style pants with some designer blouse and some accessories that match it perfectly. If you have tight purse strings, you can choose accordingly but it is always worthy to spend on things that you would genuinely love to wear and think you would look good in them. You can go through the recent magazines and study the designs well to imitate a look that you feel should match your style.

After all, the Retro look in fun and that should earn you a lot many compliments. Consider the style of the dress, the fabric and the accessories to emerge as a fashion figure. You can surely buy things that suit you the best. You do not need to spend an arm and a leg for getting the Retro look but you can use your common sense and aesthetic taste to find out what works up the magic for you.