Requirements For Home Schooling

Now that you have decided to get your child home schooled, there are certain things, including the legal aspects you need to take care of. It’s not as simple as buying the resources and starting the lessons right away.

If you want your home schooling to be recognized by colleges that your child later applies to, you might want to make sure you have taken care of all the basic requirements needed in your child’s home schooling.

Before you decide to home school your child, make sure you have all the right reasons to do so. Think of all the disadvantages and sacrifices you need to make to home school your child and see if you can really do it.

Before you begin your home schooling, prepare your house ideally for studying. Prepare a study room and fix a schedule to do the lessons in a week. You also need to prepare your medical records, curriculum for the year, records related to immunization etc. This will be inspected by the state’s administrative department and when they do, you should be prepared.

Check if the state you live in requires you to grade your child. Some of the states don’t expect you to, but not all. Even if it’s not mandatory to grade your child and prepare report cards, you can do so just so your child will have one when asked during college admissions.

Keep the necessary curriculum for your first home school year prepared before you begin the first day. In case you are worried about how to prepare one, try finding through your nearest home school support community or try researching on the Internet and decide the one that fits you the best.

Some tutors for home school expect your child to take some placement tests to access their level of knowledge to design a curriculum that suits them. Most tutors don’t though, but it’s good to do one since it paves an easy way to design tailor-made curriculum for your child.

Keep a record of the daily progress of your child so you will know that the teaching is as effective as you expect it to be and can easily keep track of your child’s progress.