Removing Eye Make-Up

You looked stunning with that make up, but the party is now over and before you hit the sack removing the makeup is essential to keeping your skin healthy. Thanks to the booming cosmetic industry, there are a variety of makeup-removing products, which neutralize your skin and help remove all traces of makeup.

Our eyes are extremely delicate and therefore you need to go cautious when removing eye make-up that means no compromise with the quality of the eye makeup remover. While the range of eye makeup removers is splendid, your choice should be based on how sensitive your eyes are and what kind of makeup do you regularly use. For instance if you use a waterproof mascara you need a remover which is strong enough and yet gentle for the delicate skin covering your eyes.

When you can spend a good deal of money to buy the best quality cosmetics, do be equally generous when buying makeup remover. It’s worth the expenses if you’re concerned about your eyes. If you’re still not convinced to spend money on expensive eye make up removers, then you could think of cheaper yet safer alternatives like mineral oil or raw milk. Mineral oil should be used to remove eye make up if and only if you do not wear contact lenses.

Mineral oil is quite inexpensive and easy to use, just pour a few drops of oil onto a cotton ball and wipe off the makeup gently. In case you don’t have any mineral oil, you can substitute it with olive oil or almond oil. And finally follow it up with a good face wash to remove even the traces of oil which can be irritating for the eyes.

Raw milk again can be used in the same way to wipe off eye makeup, however it need not be followed with face wash and just splashing some water on your face to remove the milk is enough. Whatever product you choose for removing eye makeup, there is just one rule that you must always remember. Never rub your eyes vigorously to remove the makeup.

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Sidharth Thakur