Removing Acne Scars

So you still have those acne scars that make you feel low? Here are some tips on how to get rid of them.But before you start, categorization of the scars is necessary.

There are two types of scars– there are those with a small depression and they are called the rolling scars. Then there are the ones that are narrow and deep. No matter what type of scars amongst the two types you have, they can be healed to help you have your skin back to its normal, healthy form.

These scars have been formed because there was a spot that was infected and lacked a lot of water, and when the infection was removed, the place was taken over by the scar.

Hydrating the skin is the finest way to start healing these scars. Sufficient amount of water in the skin will not only help it boost the immunity by making the skin healthy but also as the cells will grow due to conducive conditions, this will result in the gaps being filled and the scars to get eradicated. Drink plenty of water and keep the skin moisturized as well.

Rosehip seed oil is considered to be effective in treating acne scars. It helps the skin regenerate and if the skin is healthy, it accelerates the process. It nourishes the skin and the natural content of the oil has no side effects. It is recommended that the oil be rubbed on the skin twice every day.

Ensure that you adhere to a balanced diet once the acne is removed. It will not only help the body get the right nutrients that will help prevent any chances of acne occurring again, but will also help in building up of cells faster and hence the scars to get healed more quickly. Combining rose water with a paste of sandalwood and applying it over the scars over night will help.

The modern techniques involve a procedure called Dermabrasion, where the top layer of the skin is chafed using a machine and as the skin heals, the scars heal too. The laser resurfacing is a popular mode of treatment as well.


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