Remedies For Discolored Toenails

Discolored Toenails

Discolored toenails are not a very attractive sight to look at.They spoil the entire beauty of your feet and make them look ugly.

Fungal infection is one of the main reasons which cause discolored toenails.

Heredity, lack of proper care and unhealthy eating habits can also contribute to this problem.There are various remedies available to deal with this problem .The below mentioned are some tried and tested solutions for the problem of discolored toenails.

If your toenails have turned a shade of dark yellow, then it is definitely due to the action of toenail fungus.As a method of treatment, you can start off by soaking your feet in warm water for 5 minutes and then clipping your toe nails short.

After this apply salicylic acid on your toenails and cover it with a bandage.This helps to stop the spread of infection. Keep your toe dry for 2 days.Remove the bandage and then clean area with an antiseptic soap.Repeat this process again for 3 to 4 times for visible results.

You can also restore your normal nail color by soaking your toenails in a mixture of vinegar and water for 15 minutes.Scrub your toenails with a nail brush to increase blood circulation and to give the nails a healthy look. Rinse again with water and pat dry completely.

Apply a solution of one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide and 2 tablespoons of baking soda on your toenails using a cotton swab.Rinse off after 5 minutes.Repetition of this process daily for a week will remove the discoloration and will leave you with beautiful and healthy toenails.

In another method, you can rub your toe nails with lemon slices.Application of a mixture of lemon juice and baking powder mixed in equal quantities on your toenails will also do the trick.

Applying teatree oil which is a natural antiseptic will also help to get rid of discolored toe nails.

Do not wear ill fitting shoes, as they will lead to bruising of toenails and eventually will make them turn blue and black..Also don’t wear nail color for prolonged periods of time.Always apply a base coat on your toe nails to prevent staining from nail polish.

You should also have a diet rich in sugar and probiotics, as they help to combat fungal infections.If the above said methods don’t work ,do seek immediate help from your doctor.