Remain Intimate During Pregnancy

pregnancysex Giving life , bringing a whole new living being in this world is an ever cherishable moment and it has been rightly said that the best gift to women by god is motherhood.

However in such moments of happiness that stay for more than 10 months , pregnancy can give rise to several conjugal difficulties and may also hamper the relationship among the couple.

One of the main reasons for this is the prolonged lack of sexual intimacy that as we all know works like a bond among the couple. Not only that the various side effects of it including morning sickness, vomiting, disfiguration also act damagingly on the couple. So how to get rid of this and carry on with the warmth and intimacy of pre pregnancy stage? Read on:

Resolve to do things together:

This is in fact a secret to happiness in pregnancy stage and to maintain the bong. Sit and discuss your feelings, and be honest with each other. Remember lack of communication may do repairable damage to the relationship.

Also make a list of things to do and do it together. Make your feelings known to your partner and be clear and vocal about the way you feel. A loss of subtly is not that bad thing to do.

Be Sexy:

Who says that you cannot be sexy during pregnancy? It is true that attraction may get a bit diminished with the gradual dis figuration but there are hundreds of other things by which you and your partner can feel attracted to each other. Buy sexy pairs of lingerie, massage each other. It works. You can also buy a book on parenting and enjoy it together. Always remain intimate.

Intercourse N Problem:

Another myth is that sex during pregnancy is not good for mother. Doctors have proven it that intercourse can be carried out till the last phase and it can bring the mother to labour.

Always remember to care for each other and a mere gap of 10 months is nothing in your life full of happiness and a healthy family.