Relationships: 5 Common Deal Breakers

You might have put up with a lot of bad habits in your partner, but suddenly there will be one thing that none of you might be able to forget – and your relationship will be over. Sometimes you put up with your partners’ ways for years only to realize that nothing will change or come out of it.

This is when you decide to break the deal and part ways. Here are 5 common deal breakers that can break your relationship apart.


While some people forgive cheating, there are some who just can’t get past it. The level of trust that is needed to maintain a relationship, comes after months and years of nurturing and that trust can be broken by one casual, careless affair. You might not even love the other person but just the thought of you being with that person can make your partner turn into a green eyed monster and never trust you again.

Abusive relationships

A lot of women are in abusive relationships and they put up with it forever because of children, lack of other opportunities or simply because they love that person despite the abusive behavior and believe in “till death do us part”. However, times have changed; this is the age of women empowerment and women don’t stick around in abusive relationships.

Constant financial crisis

Some men just can’t hold on to a job. They seem to be falling in trouble all the time. They borrow money from every one and are always drowning in debt. While the partner may be sympathetic for a few beginning years, soon comes a time when she sees through the ‘bad luck guise’ and knows that you are nothing else but a loser.

Domestic scraps

When you feel as if you are in the middle of a war every time you come home, feel your partner is your  biggest enemy, and you just can’t seem to avoid fighting every waking minute you are together, you might be seriously contemplating a divorce.

Zero sex

Yes, strange though it might sound to some, many women and men choose to break a relationship if their sex life is non-existent. Though a lot of people accept non-existent sex life as a part and parcel of aging and years of togetherness, there are people who feel unattractive, stressed and neglected because of zero sex.

Some men just can’t hold on to a job.

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