The Dynamics Of Love Relationship Between An Older Woman And A Younger Man

Older-Woman-And-Younger-Man In the society in which we live, a love relationship between a young man and an older woman raises a lot of critical eyebrows.  You’ll find a lot of dirty jokes centered on such relationships.

An older woman dating or living with a young man is often known by some offensive names such as sugar momma, while the man may be made fun of with terms like big mama’s boy or Peter pan. Even the media doesn’t fail to speak ill about relationships the woman is fairly old, as compared to the man.

The kind of rebuke such relationships suffer, is somewhat understandable, because for ages the norm of the society has been that the woman should be younger than the man for any loving relationship to be successful.

Let’s see why some older women prefer to be with younger men.

1. Young men have an energetic and youthful appeal.

2. Young men are more spontaneous and more fun to be with.

3. When the man is younger, he doesn’t usually have a bloated ego.

4. Young men are more malleable, and they can be easily molded.

5. Young men are less rigid and more flexible.

On the other hand some young men prefer older women because:

1. Older women are more mature, even tempered and knowledgeable.

2. Older women are more confident and are more sure about what they want.

3. Older women are more stable and are relatively less insecure.

These are just some of the reasons which we have been able to trace out about love relationships between older women and younger men, and the rest of the reasons are generally circumstantial.

Can such relationships succeed?

Now that’s the important question, whether such relationships can really work or not. But the answer is fairly simple, and the work ability of the relationship depends on the two individuals involved in the relationship, just like any other love relationship.

The dynamics of the relationship are nearly the same as that of any other relationship, with the only difference being the age gap. Compatibility is most important to make any relationship successful, and so goes true for relationship where the man is younger and the woman is older.

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Sidharth Thakur