How To Look Sexy When Naked

How To Look Sexy When Naked This article highlights tip for both men and women on ways to look sexy when naked. Normally people would feel shyness to undress, and this tip shows the creative side of getting naked. Enjoy nudity and have fun.

How To Look Sexy When Naked – Tips For Men

Use Your Hands Well To Look Sexy

You should use your hands well when you stand naked in front of her. You can use your hands to glide it towards your member and stroke it carefully. You should glance at her using corner of your eye and smile at her. You should move your hands to your chest area and rub it. You should bend down and massage your thighs.

Make Bold Moves In Bed

You should make a hole in bed sheet so that your member can pass through it. Lie under bed sheet and move your member through bed sheet hole and lie down naked when she comes to bedroom. Do not use your hands and you should motion her to your member using your eyes only.

Wear High-Heeled Shoes

You should walk around naked in room in high-heeled shoes and sit on a chair and you should cross your legs by positioning your member out.

Use Moisturizer Creams Very Well

You should moisture your member and make it stand erect. The glistening of member is sure to drive her wild as you would look sexy.

Smell Right

You should take care of smell when you stand naked in front of your girl. You should not stand in front of her with sweaty smell.

How To Look Sexy When Naked-Tips For Women

Highlight Your Areas

Showcase your breast and your vagina when you stand naked in front of him. Apply some powder or cream on your breast so that it white color stands out in dim light or in darkness. You can apply edible cream on your thighs and encourage him to lick it.

Butter Your Breast

You should use butter to rub on your breast and you should stand naked in front of him. You should make sure that you use melted butter to give a hot look.

Draw Pictures Using Your Lipstick

You should draw pictures on your thighs using your lip stick and stand naked in front of him. That would give sexy look to you. You can also draw lipstick around your cleavage and you can draw lipstick on your belly area. You can draw pictures on your butt area also.

Write a Board and Tie It In Front Of Your Vagina

“I am suffocating. Release my tension. What are you looking for? Enter quickly “You can write a lengthy caption like this on a cardboard and tie it in front of your vagina. You should expose all other body parts and should move forward to him. That would give sexy look when you stand naked.

Act Confidently

Just undress looking at his eyes and take his hands and make him massage your vagina. That is the greatest sexy move.