Relationship Advice: How Can You Make Your Man Commit?

If you can make your man believe in you and do the following things, you can easily help him make a decision to commit and take your relationship to the next level. The ring is just round the corner. Men often want a woman who puts her family first; creates a home /sanctuary for the family, organizes households, to be a loving mother and raises her children well.

They want women to be understanding and committed. Besides loyalty in women, men also want women to be a friend and lover first and a mother second.

What men want?

Men want women to have trust and faith in them, in their decisions and actions. They want them to respect them for what they are and not to change men into something they want them to be. Men like to feel as if they are knights in shining armor and are being admired by their partners as a husband and overall as a man. Men who are not appreciated often find it hard to commit as they are afraid that their wife won’t appreciate whatever they do for their family.

If women show they are trustworthy and loyal and that they will not see divorce as simple way to bring an end to all the problems. Men want women to be committed to work through problems and not just complain about them. If a woman will be a man’s support, cheer him and stand by him in tough times, make him feel loved, wanted ,and needed and encourage him to do his best, men will naturally fall for women and stick with them ‘forever’.

What women can do?

Women should make sexual intimacy and physical closeness a priority and be loving and affectionate even when there is stress. This is one quality that all men seek in women but not all women possess; sadly this results in men drifting away from relationships. Women need to understand there are differences between a man and a woman and that those differences are complementary and that’s why they need each other.

Other most important factor to be remembered by modern women are equality does not apply or imply sameness; modern women don’t seem to accept their own feminine nature and they fight their natural inclinations; feminism is not a disease to be cured; value morals and modesty are very much important and above all they need to imbibe that physical attractiveness is only a spark – being cheerful and loving is the flame.

If all women understand the value of being courteous, and respectful and the importance of sex in a relationship, they will know that they have the power to make or break the relationship. They can strongly influence men and make them commit. Men are simple by nature and only need sex, food and lots of ego-pampering. Loving and pampering don’t turn women into slaves as we all know it is easier to catch flies with honey than nags.

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