Rejuvenate Yourself With A Hot Stone Massage

Do you often feel tired or experience decline in energy level? If so, you can pamper yourself and get rejuvenated by indulging in a hot stone massage.

A hot stone massage is a therapy which is being practiced for centuries, as a form of relaxation and healing.Here heated stones are placed on our muscles to relax and our body.They reduce pain and discomfort and will boost up your energy levels.

Inflammations, injuries and even problems of insomnia can be tackled by a hot stone massage.Many spas offer the services of hot stone massage.

You will be asked to lie down on your stomach with your back facing the masseuse.At first oils will be massaged on the skin to provide relaxation and to promote better absorption of heat.The heated stones are then placed at various important positions in the body.The stones when cooled down are then replaced by another set of heated up stones.

Sometimes the stones are also placed in the palms and in between the toes so as to bring about better flow of energy.

You can also do a simple version of a hot stone massage in the comfort of your own home. The stones used in the massage are commercially available. The stones are usually basalt lava stones which have the property of retaining heat for long periods of time.Clean the stones thoroughly with warm water before using them.

Heat the stones in a crock pot or a heater which is filled with water. The temperature of the water should be maintained at around 50 degree Celsius. After around 20 minutes, take the stones from the water and test their warmth by placing them against your skin.

If you are comfortable with the temperature of the stones, then take them out of water and, dry them with a towel. Follow this by placing the stones in your shoulders, leg and back. Replace the stones when they have cooled down.

You can ask somebody to assist you in this process. Finally your partner can wind up the session by providing you with a simple body massage.

After each massage session, the stones should be cleaned and dried and put away for the next session.If you are pregnant, have any skin diseases or you are undergoing any treatment like chemotherapy, then it will be wise to avoid a hot stone massage.