Reiki Massage – To Transfer Healing Energy

Reiki massage refers to the merger of two alternative healing methods i.e. Reiki which translates to ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ and body massage which involves the kneading and rubbing of the different parts of the body for therapeutic purposes.

The Reiki massage therapy system was developed by a Japanese Buddhist Mikao Ususi.

An alternative and complementary healing method, reiki massages are also known as palm healing; as the reiki massage practitioners believe that healing energy is passed through the palms of the practitioner.

Reiki massage combines the healing forces of traditional massage techniques and reiki to heal a variety of health conditions. Reiki massages are normally performed by individuals trained in this unique healing method. Reiki masseurs learn the ways of transferring and using energy to improve the spiritual and physical well-being of an individual.

The energy centers of the body are divided into seven ‘chakras’ and the reiki practitioner normally places his hands along these seven energy centers of the body to transfer the healing energy.

The healing energy which is transferred in a reiki massage helps in pain management. Unlike normal massage techniques, in a reiki massage the masseur does not knead or rub the muscles and tissues of the body. Instead the hands are kept still and are used to send healing energy into the patient’s body via the seven chakras or energy centers.

As reiki massages does not involve touching the body directly, it can be performed even while the patient is fully clothed. It is advisable not to combine reiki with traditional massage techniques.

A reiki massage is more of a spiritual healing method and anybody can undergo this unique massage without feeling uncomfortable. The power of a reiki massage is such that it is even known to heal broken bones and extreme wounds.

A totally safe treatment method, reiki massage helps to heal a variety of health problem like menstrual cramps, insomnia; arthritis and back pain. They also help to re-align the negative energies of the body and treat psychological problems including depression and other mental health conditions. This massage also helps to alleviate physical strain and stress and many injury related problems.

People undergoing this massage often experience a feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation, or a sense of regaining balance or a feeling of complete relaxation.