Regrowth Stages Of A Hair Transplant

Regrowth Stages Of A Hair Transplant

Regrowth Stages Of A Hair Transplant Baldness destroys the looks of a person greatly and this is the reason why many steps are taken by people for preventing same. People, who have already become bald, can resort to certain measures so that they do not look ugly.

For example, they can wear natural wigs, which cover baldy head perfectly. One way that is adopted by many celebrities for dealing with baldness is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a method by which lost hairs are restored naturally.

Men as well as women can go for hair transplantation for achieving desired looks. Though hair transplantation is an expensive way of restoring hairs on scalp, it is also the most effective and the best option for treating baldness. After transplantation, hairs grow slowly. Thus, it is very necessary that a person monitors growth of transplanted hairs regularly so that desired looks are obtained.

Re-Growth Stages of Hair Transplant

There are specific stages of hair re-growth that are observed in all cases of hair transplantation. In first two weeks of hair transplantation, due to surgical processes used, a swelling is observed on the scalp. In most of cases, scabbing occurs on scalp. However, it goes away on its own in after two weeks. In no case, scabs should be picked up as it may lead to scalp injury.

Though scabbing may cause itching also, a person should observe complete patience. Since transplanted hairs are not very strong in first few weeks, great care should be observed in shampooing hairs. Hairs must be shampooed gently using mild formulations for many days after the treatment. There are some specific shampoos that are prescribed by cosmetic surgeons and these must only be applied to hairs. After shampooing, hairs should be dried by patting and must not be rubbed with towel.

Three to eight weeks after the hair transplantation are considered as very important. A person notices many types of developments in transplanted hairs and some of these may cause great concerns. It should be understood that after hairs are transplanted on scalp, these enter into a resting phase. This phase is also called as Telogen phase. In this phase, a person can also witness loss of hair grafts that have been transplanted.

Telogen is a temporary phase and thus, should not be a reason of great concern. It generally lasts up to eight weeks of hair transplantation. Since hairs first grow under the scalp, these are not visible up to two months of treatment. After eight weeks of treatment, soft and tiny hairs are noticed on the scalp. In some cases, it may take nine to ten weeks for these hairs to sprout from scalp.

Since these hairs come out of scalp by breaking the outer layer of skin, red imperfections are generally noticed in this phase. At this stage, hairs do not grow very strong. In a time period of six months to one year after the treatment, hairs start becoming thick. They also increase in length and thus, may have to be trimmed for getting desired hair style. If treatment was taken for hiding a baldy patch, transplanted hairs mingle well with surrounding hairs at this stage.