Reasons For Hair Loss In Women & How To Prevent It

Reasons For Hair Loss

Reasons For Hair Loss An average human loses about 100 hair everyday which is perfectly normal. The growth cycle of hair involves growth of new hair and shedding of old hair. Most people mistake this shedding of about 100 hair everyday for hair fall.

You can conclude that you are suffering from hair fall only if you lose more than 100 hair everyday. Many women around the world are suffering from hair fall problems. A lot of factors can result in hair fall. It is very important to find the reason for your hair fall and do the necessary to fight hair fall. It is very easy to deal with hair fall when you know the reason behind your hair fall.

Today’s modern and fast paced lifestyle has lead to number of problems including hair fall. Factors like inappropriate diet, tension, lack of time for hair care, etc. are few of the most common reasons behind hair fall. But there are other conditions also which can lead to hair fall. It is very important for you to stay aware of all such factors that could leads to hair fall. Here are few possible factors that can lead to severe hair fall in women.

Improper Diet

Most common reason for hair fall in many women is malnutrition or deficiency of certain nutrients in their body. Some essential nutrients like certain vitamins, zinc etc. are very essential to prevent hair fall. Lack of iron in the body also triggers hair fall. In today’s busy world, most of us tend to indulge in unhealthy eating habits. In order to finish off our meals fast, we pick a pack of chips, burger etc. which have zero nutrient value. Make sure that you stop indulging in such unhealthy eating habits. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Nuts and fishes are a must in your diet if you are suffering from hair loss. Choose to snack on fruits and nuts when hungry. Good eating habits will solve your hair loss problems.


Another very common factor that can result in hair loss in women is stress. Women are known to be very emotional and have this tendency to take unnecessary stress and tensions. It is very important to have a positive outlook towards life to lead a happy and healthy life. Factors like stress and tensions not only triggers hair fall but also causes a number of other health problems. You can indulge in activities like certain breathing exercises, meditation etc. to stay away from all sorts of stress and tensions. Some forms of yoga also works wonders for eliminating stress from life. There is nothing much you can do about hair fall caused as result of stress. It is entirely up to to get rid of it completely.

Hormonal Imbalances

Certain hormonal imbalances can also result in hair fall. The female body possess the estrogen and progesterone hormones. Every women also possess some androgens in very tiny amounts in their body. When the levels of these androgens increases abnormally due to some reason or the other, women tend to experience hair fall. The right amounts of female hormones estrogen and progesterone on the other hand minimizes hair fall and also helps promote hair growth properly. So get yourself checked for any hormonal imbalances and get rid of it at the earliest to prevent hair loss.


Some women experience lot of hair fall if suffering from some sort of disease. This type of hair fall disappears once you recover from that illness. Most women complain of hair fall after undergoing some surgery. So it is very important to indulge in a healthy diet and a good lifestyle while recovering from any disease to minimize hair loss. Women recovering from cancer via chemotherapy also tend to lose out on plenty of hair.  Thyroid disorders can also trigger hair loss in women and hence it is best to get yourself checked for such ailments and seek treatment for such diseases. A diseases free body is very essential to keep hair related problems at bay.


Certain medications are known to trigger hair loss in number of women. So if you have started suffering from hair loss problems after taking some medicines then talk to your doctor about it. Intake of birth control pills on a regular basis is also known to cause hair loss problems. Moreover, birth control pills can cause a number of other health problems. So switch to safer modes of contraception to prevent keep away from the various side effects of birth control pills.


Many women are known to suffer form dandruff and other scalp related problems which can lead to hair loss. So make sure that you keep your scalp clean all the times. Washing your hair about 2-3 times a week after a hot oil massage will help you get rid of dandruff. A clean scalp is very essential for great hair and to keep hair loss at bay. Also make sure that you let your hair dry naturally after a hair wash and refrain from using hair dryer etc. Do not vigorously wipe your hair with a towel as that can lead to lot of hair fall. Just squeeze the water from your hair and wrap a towel around your head.

Hair Treatments and Hair Care Products

Many women like to experiment with their hair. They get their hair straightened and permed on a regular basis which can result in thinning of hair or hair loss. Other chemical based treatments like bleaching, coloring etc. can have negative impact on your hair. These hair treatments can contribute a great deal in hair loss. These treatments not only leads to hair fall but also results in dry, damaged hair with split ends. So in order to control hair loss you will have to stop subjecting your hair to thees torturous treatments. Also be careful while choosing shampoo and conditioner for yourself. Choose a mild shampoo free of harsh chemicals and alcohol and a rich nourishing conditioner.


Certain addictions like smoking, drinking, drug abuse etc. can result in hair loss in women. So it is very important to quit all such bad habits at the earliest to prevent hair loss.

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