Reasons and Treatment for Loss of Sexual Desire

If there is a loss in sexual desire then relationships can get strained and an otherwise good physical health might deteriorate as well. There can be many causes of loss of sexual desire in women:

One of the major causes is the lack of emotional satisfaction in the relationship. If there is a lack of emotional bonding, then there is a direct impact on the sexual performance and a marked decrease is seen. There are times when there are performance issues with the partner as well.

The partner may be too aggressive or too soft and there are other incompatibility issues that may cause friction resulting in the decrease of a woman’s sexual desire.

The desire also goes down after the birth of a child. There are hormonal changes in the body and then there is the responsibility of the child to take care of as well. All these combined can lead to a sharp disinterest in any sexual activity.

The other reason is the drop in the testosterone level which occurs in the mid twenties and then it steadily declines till menopause. There are times that the medication a person is on is responsible for the lack of desire.

Anti depressants are known to affect the drive and then there are the medicines for lowering the blood pressure that also often play a part.  Increasing and abundant work pressure and even peer pressure may also cause a woman to take a back seat in sexual advances and this results in a loss of desire too.

The media images of sexuality also hamper one’s need to have physical intimacy. Finally, there can be some ailments and some medical conditions that can impact a woman’s desire to have sex, and steadily decrease it.

However, with problems, there are always cures. Sexual desire can be brought back by individually addressing the reasons. In case of relationship strains, therapy and counseling can work as effective treatments.

If it is the testosterone issue, then one can go for the testosterone therapy. The medicines that might have lowered the sexual desires can also be altered to help one have more intimate moments in the relationship.