Reasons and Prevention For Eye Wrinkles

It is said that the eye area is one of the first places where wrinkles appear. If you have not had a healthy diet or have not had a good sleep, then the haggard and the exhausted look also causes the tell tale signs of aging. The wrinkles star to appear around the eyes.

It is worth mentioning that the skin around the eyes does not have oil glands and hence is very delicate. This is why any physical or physiological changes in the body are first seen under the eye and in the skin around the eye.

When this skin loses water is when it folds up to form wrinkles. It is the loss of elasticity of the skin that results in them. As we grow older, the skin loses more elasticity and it sags under the effect forming wrinkles.

There can be a variety of situations where the skin loses water. For example, if you are out in the sun for a long time without the benefits of shades or sunscreen, then the skin around the eyes soon will lose water and you will find that the wrinkles have started to appear. Likewise, the dry winter cold causes the skin to dry up quickly and the end results are the eye wrinkles.

Smoking has also been known as a major cause of wrinkles around the eyes. It causes the contraction of the blood vessels under the skin and thus prevents the proper flow of blood.

Therefore the right nourishment does not reach the skin. Smoking also damages the elastin (the element that gives the skin its elasticity) and causes the skin to shrivel and hence the wrinkles get formed.

There are many ways to prevent and treat the wrinkles under the eye. Use cleansing milk every morning to clean the skin around the eye. This will ensure that there are no toxins or dirt that is left in the skin that might cause unnecessary dryness.

Also, use an eye cream and apply it by patting it lightly around the corner of the eyes. Remove makeup every night and wash the skin of your face thoroughly and keep it hydrated with moisturizer afterward.