Ready Your Hair Within Minutes

care-of-your-curly-hair When you have a real hectic schedule, taming your wild hair, to make them look presentable is one irritating task. We have put down a few tips here which will prove effective in cutting short your hairstyling time, to accommodate it within the realms of your hectic schedule.

•    Change the towel

Get yourself a super-absorbent towel, which has more cotton fibers to absorb more water from your hair. If your towel absorbs the water well, you can easily save five minutes of your time that you would have otherwise spent on blow-drying them.

•    Quick blow-drying

To quickly blow-dry your hair, set the dryer on medium heat, and run it quickly along your hair lengths, keeping it at least six inches away from your hair. Pay more attention to the crown area, because that’s the one which is most visible.

•    Hair serums and volumizers

Leave-in hair conditioners, hair serums and volumizers are all helpful in making your head more manageable and thus make it easier and quicker for you to style them up. And the easiest way to use them is to apply them around the roots and then spread them on to the hair strands with a few strokes of a round hair brush.

•    At bed time

If you want your hair to be more manageable in the morning, don’t leave them loose when you crash into the bed. Comb them up nicely and make a braid, a ponytail or a bun to keep them in place till morning. Rub in a bit of hair serum, into your hair before you hit the sack, and it will prove helpful in styling up your hair the next morning.

•    A quick wash

When you don’t have time for a complete head bath, and the strands seem too oily or dirty there’s a quick cheat to getting clean hair within minutes. Just tie up your hair into a ponytail, and wash only the bangs. Blow them dry and secure them up once again into a neat ponytail, and nobody will know whether you had a head wash or not.

Sidharth Thakur