Quit Smoking

quityoursmoking Smoking is disastrous for health and we all know it but the fact is that it has become so very essential part of our lifestyle that in spite of knowing the harmful effects of smoking we fail to give it up.

It is become a part of our lifestyle. But it would far better if we can give up smoking, we can live without the worry of some of the deadly diseases that is generally caused by smoking.

Be Resolute:

Ask yourself why do you smoke and then be firm and resolute and swear to never smoke again whatever be the cause. You can also write down the resolution and carry it along with you. You can even make a no smoking contract and make the dearest family member sign on it. In the office, house and car paste no smoking boards or remainders and you can also set your mobile hour so that it can alarm you about the resolution of not smoking every half an hour.

Change of Schedule:

You can schedule and if possible  avoid the conditions that makes you smoke. When you are tensed take a walk, chew gums and concentrate on other things. You can also carry mouth toys, chocolates, gums etc to keep yourself engaged.

Remain happy:

Whenever you feel the urge to smoke remind yourself about the happy changes this has brought to your family. Be it about the stopping of the complaints about foul smell by your wife or the money saved in this process. Gift yourself something nice  by the saved money.


In the initial stages you may feel the urge to eat more , but wait, fill yourself up with water and this way you won’t be gaining any weight.

Nicotine Gums:

Be resolute and even if you fail persist in your mission and if you still fail ask your doctor about nico tine chewing gums.