Quick Hairstyles For The Holiday Season

womenhairloss Holiday season is all about nonstop eating, socializing and reckless spending, and in the midst of all these activities you may not find enough time to style up your hair so as to look your best.

However we’ve got some fantastic hairstyling tips to make your holiday primping a wee bit easier.

Quick curls

Why curls? Simply because they’re the easiest to manage when you are loaded with dozens of tasks all around, also it’s fairly easy to make curls. To make the job even easier get yourself some hot rollers, because they are the perfect appliance to curl your hair while you’re busy doing other things around the house.

Festive braids

Holidays is the time when you can think of getting dolled up, and when it comes to the doll looks, nothing seems as good as the braids. For a cute and a somewhat traditional look, you can try micro-braids tied up with tiny festive headbands or ribbons.  French braid is another thing that looks awesome, and to add in a touch of glamour you could let a few strands duck out.

The pixie look

For a more fun and chic look, you’ll need some styling products like gel and mousse to hold the hair in place. The pixie look is best achieved with shorter hair lengths. Apply some generous amount of gel to your hair, and taking a few locks at a time, curl them up a little and pin them up.

You don’t need to follow any particular pattern at the time of pinning up your hair, just do it at random in some zigzag manner. For some extra funky look, create some streaks and patches with washable highlights.

And in case you are the overly busy baby who’s got no time to spend on the hair, just part your hair in a zigzag manner right from the forehead to the back of your head and brush them smooth. At the back you could either leaves them lose on tug them up with some fancy hairclips.  Its way too simple, but it looks fantastic.

Sidharth Thakur