Quick Hair Styles to Looking Fab

Got to get ready for an evening out and short on time? Try a few of these quick hair styles for a glam look in a matter of minutes. Things to keep handy include dry/powder shampoo, curling iron, straightening iron, heat protect serum and shine serum.

If you’re wearing an off shoulder top or dress, soft curls will make you look beautiful. To get soft curls, first, run dry shampoo through your hair and get rid of any trace of oiliness. Side part your hair and divide it into eight to ten sections. Take the curling iron and curl each section around it for about ten seconds and release. Voila! Great looking curls in minutes.

For a soft wave through the bottom sections of the hair, twist your hair into a soft ponytail and pin up the end of the ponytail to the top of the elastic for a loose bun. Blow dry this setting and take off the elastic for a soft wave which will frame your face and move outward from your shoulders , adding to the illusion of width.  Hair braids have never been as in fashion as right now.

For a quick hairdo, blow dry your hair upside down, part it from the center and take out two sections from each side, make a braid of each section and clasp the two sections at the back with the rest of the hair lying open, for a boho chic look in no time.

For a sexy bed head look that still looks well put together, iron out your locks with the ends curled outwards for a nice flip. Don’t forget to apply dry shampoo before you start and shine serum afterwards for a polished look. For cascading waves , divide your hair into five or six sections depending upon the thickness of the hair.

Braid each section into a loose braid and flat iron each braid for around ten seconds to get locks like a Grecian goddess. Another easy hair style when running short of time, is to tie back half of the front section of your hair in a half pony and tease the ends of the pony in wide spirals for a gorgeous look in a jiffy.

Maneesha Tiwari