Putting A Toddler To Sleep – A Daunting Task

Issues with proper sleeping are quite common in developing toddlers. The problems are diverse from sleeping during the night to staying awake in the odd hours or even getting up very early. However frustrating and painful the situations may be in handling, experts suggest these to be regular modes of development, and there are chances of getting them fixed if properly handled.

Babies can wake up due to many different discomforts. A check on the fact that if the baby is staying awake due to certain physical or other discomfort needs to be checked and paid attention to. The baby may have a chance of teething –wherein the baby is in the process of growing teeth by breaking the gum. It can be a very annoying period both for the baby and as well for all family members.

At times however the babies do go through the same process of teething without any warning or discomfort. It can as well be due to the reason that the baby is unwell or just recovered from any illness some days back. In such a case his or her urgent requirements are essential to get addressed. It can be noticed at times that if the baby is a good sleeper in usual, they would go back to the same pattern of sleep.

Another frequent issue faced by a lot of households is the issue with the toddler’s staying in their bed. It is in fact a big struggle indeed to keep the children to stay in bed during night.

A routine should ideally be established. It becomes very essential for the parents to start up a comfortable nocturnal sleeping routine that will that gets recognizable to the toddler.

Enough time should be given to the baby to settle down so as to get his or her body to calm down. A routine of giving a bath to the baby immediately after dinner is over should be set ideally followed by putting the night dress on and given a combing to the hair along with brushing their teeth.

This should be followed by helping the baby to listen to reading of book by the parent or a simple cuddle. A practice of letting the toddler taking out toys or running around should be completely avoided.

A word of caution –it is not a child’s play to send a child to sleep,and it should be taken up with great care and responsibility.