Punk Hairstyles for Women

Punk subculture has always been associated with rebellion and that is what it has arisen from.

The sheer defiance of norms, the projection of aggressive attitude and fashion statement are the characteristics of the Punk movement.

It is associated with independence of the individual and the will to chart one’s own course with the “my way or the highway” motto. There are many punk hairstyles which will suit you if you are going to your favorite rock concert or attending this really cool friend’s party. Punk hair style while gives one a distinct look is also harder to maintain and requires special attention.

There is the Skater cut, which is a short punk hair style. This style calls for the sides of the head to be shaved; however the proper length of hair should be left in the front to hang.

After the sides have been shaved off, is when you can color your hair as well to make this look prominent. There can be different colors used at different parts of the hair as well. This is one of the best options in the short hair punk style.

If you shave all your hair off is when you have acquired the most rebellious style amongst the punk hair styles. It is called the Skin head and it has been prevalent amongst many celebrities and is considered to be one of the most dynamic styles for women. The styling for this can be done by tattoos and piercings.

The third hairstyle is called the Shag and it requires you to cut your hair all over the head for different lengths and instead of a scissor, the use of razors gives this look a lot more prominence and the rugged feel. This hairstyle allows many styling options and is best suited for long hair. There can be different color treatments for this hairstyle and has a lot of room for experimentation if you are up to it.

The last is the most famous amongst these all, and is called the Mohawk style. This requires hair being shaved from the sides and styling up the hair on the scalp only. You can color the tip of the hair for added effect.


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