Psoriasis: The Irritating Skin Shed

psoriasis_ Even though researchers around the globe are constantly digging up new ways to treat the skin condition called psoriasis, there isn’t any permanent cure that has so far been recognized. That leaves millions of people, suffering from psoriasis, to keep looking for and experimenting with the available skincare remedies.

What is it?

This skin condition is marked by the appearance of thick white/silvery patches on the body skin, which are both irritating and discomforting. The basic reason why these patches crop up, is that your skin is growing faster than it should.

In the normal course, our skin sheds dead cells every 28 days and a fresh growth of skin layer is seen to replace them. But when you are affected with psoriasis, this usual cycle of 28 days doesn’t go as per schedule, and the new skin cells come to the surface even before the old cells are shed away. And that is what results in those unsightly white or silvery patches on your skin.

The way out

As we know there isn’t any permanent cure for the skin condition, you only have a few precautions you can observe to prevent the condition from getting aggravated. And the first, and the most important, thing is to keep the skin completely moist and well lubricated around the affected areas.

You can use some of the over the counter remedies to loosen up and remove these patches. It is essential to free your skin of these patches before you apply the lubricant, because otherwise the skin may not be able to absorb much of the skin care products that you’re using to control the condition.

Your dermatologist may also suggest using a UV sunlight treatment, which does help in relieving the symptoms. However using organic skincare remedies which contain essential oils, essential fatty acids and antioxidants is equally relieving.

And lastly, keeping your skin absolutely clean is very important; however you must avoid using any harsh soaps or cleansers.

Sidharth Thakur