Protecting Your Kid From Sexual Predators

With increased incidents of molestation and sexual assaults on children, it is natural for parents to experience paranoia because of the increased vulnerability of today’s children to fall prey to sexual predators. The safety of their child is a matter of utmost concern for most parents in big cities. A solution to preventing your child from sexual abuse is to groom your child and make him understand how to identify sexual predators and how to safeguard themselves.

Sexual predators usually target such children who are somewhat isolated from other children or their family, or who are low in terms of confidence and self-esteem, or children who seek love, attention and friendship. Also children who are emotionally disturbed because of family problems and children who spend a lot of time unsupervised by their families can easily fall prey to such incidents of sexual abuse.

Taking advantage of these circumstances that the child is facing, the predictor makes a friendly and a positive approach, exhibiting a lot of interest in the child and pretending to have something in common with the child say in terms of hobbies or past experience.

The net effect is that your child will develop a liking for this predator and would love to spend more and more time with him. Slowly the child feels comfortable to get close enough to the potential offender, and may easily consent to keeping their sexual relation a secret.

As a parent, whenever you have any doubts about your child being sexually abused, you need to closely analyze the behavior pattern, both of your child as well as the suspected abuser if he is one known to you. Don’t put up any direct questions that could make your child uncomfortable and widen the gap that exists between you and the child.

Whenever suspicion arises in your mind, you should be immediate in limiting your child’s interaction with the suspect, do it fast but do it subtly so that there is no ruckus which intimidates the child. If you come across any confirmations of your doubt, it’s time to move the matter into legal hands while at the same time employing a counselor for your child to help him come out of the whole situation.

And the last word, all such incidents are avoidable provided as a parent to pay close attention to your child’s behavior and the people with whom your child interacts.