Protect Your Child From The UV Rays

child You know the present condition of the environment and how it is getting damaged day by day. The damage in the environment means damage to us also. Environmental damage directly attacks our skin. So we do protect our skin regularly. But what about the children’s skin care? It is foolish to think that damaging Ultra violet rays spare the baby’s skin.

The fact is that the UV rays are more harmful for a baby. We generally forget to take care of the children’s skin. But child’s skin needs extra care. The lack of melanin in the child’s skin makes the skin more sensitive than the adults. So sunburns and allergies are common things for a child.

It is true that sunlight generates Vitamin D on the skin. But this doesn’t mean that you need to expose your child on the direct sunlight. In an airy and open room you can keep the child instead of keeping him or her in the direct sunlight. The child would get enough Vitamin D.

While traveling parents often ignore the child’s skin protection. The sunlight that comes through the window is enough for damaging the skin of a child.Make the window glasses of the car sun protective and keep them shut so that the damaging UV rays do not touch your baby’s skin. If you travel in the afternoon time choose well covered, comfortable soft cotton or linen dress for the child.

Change the nappy before leaving and keep the child in a well lit and airy room. Do not forget to cover up the head from the harsh heat.

While buying sunscreen for you also look for the products that suit the baby’s soft skin. Apply a baby skin friendly sunscreen on the exposed areas of the baby’s body to ensure him the full protection.