Prom Shoes – How To Find The Perfect Pair

As prom night approaches, teenage girls go into overdrive, trying to select a beautiful prom dress for their big night out.

While a lot of importance is given on making the right prom dress selection, the most important prom accessory, the prom shoes are often ignored. If you buy the wrong pair of prom shoes, it can spoil your look or worse still ruin your prom night completely.

While choosing prom shoes, care should not only be taken that the shoes match the dress, but you also need to ensure that the shoes that have been selected are comfortable to wear, especially for a long night out which is mostly spent in dancing. Ill fitting shoes can result in painful blisters.

Select a prom shoe which will complement your prom dress design and color. You can choose prom shoes in colors like silver, gold, black or nude shades. If you have still not decided on our prom dress, then you can even go for shoes which can be dyed later. The only disadvantage with custom dyed prom shoes is that they may not match any other dress.

Prom shoes come in a variety of styles. You can choose prom shoes in different heel sizes from cute kitten heels to the skyscraper stilettos. However avoid wearing stilettos if you are not used to them. There are prom shoes out there which can make your feet look beautiful. You can opt from closed toe or open toe prom shoes or even tie up shoes which can make your feet look beautiful.

You can even break custom and try on a non traditional pair of prom shoes like flats or flip flops. Jazz up your shoes in trendy colors like bronze or metallic colors. You could also opt for sandals which come in variety of styles. Try to be as creative as you can with your prom shoes without compromising on your comfort.

After you have found that perfect pair of prom shoes, try to break into them by wearing them a couple of times at home. Also remember to scuff the bottoms of your shoes so that they are not slippery. Once you practice wearing your prom shoes, you will feel more comfortable in them on your big night out. Prom shoes come in prices which range from a cool $15 to a whopping $500.