Prom Hair Styles for Every Dress Style

Every girl dreams about looking perfect for her prom. Getting ready to look perfect requires choosing the right dress, shoes, accessories and hair styles. Not all girls are keen on going to a stylist to get her hair done; for these few pretty elegant girls we have a few tricks that will help to transform their hair to suit a dress in any style.

Firstly you need to understand the style of your dress. This is the first step to deciding on the hair style. Each dress style needs a different hair style to make it look perfect. If you wear a dress with a collar or a high neck then you have all the glamour that you need so a simple hair style is a must. Jennifer Lopez wore a dress with a high collar to an event and she wore a simple pony tail to complete the look.

You can try out the look too and check it to see if it compliments the dress. To get his look you first need to use a flat iron on your hair and straighten the entire length of your hair. This will help you to keep all the strands in place and avoid any strands being misplaced.

Pour a few drops of serum on your palms and run it through the length of your hair; this will add natural shine to your hair. Now flip your hair back and tie your pony tail and fasten it with a band. Take an inch of hair and wrap it around your hair and fasten the ends with a bobby pin.

If you are wearing a princess dress; then you need to wear a braided bun. For this look you need to start by using a moose on your hair and then blow drying it. Once this is done you can divide your hair into 2 equal sections and braid them. Now, bring the braids up front and wrap them around the crown of your hair and secure them with pins. Now spray your hair to keep all of it in place.

If you are wearing a one shoulder dress or a strappy dress then a well secured bun is the prefect look for you. Start by using hair gel in your hair and then tying a tight pony tail in your hair. Now turn the entire hair around the pony tail and secure that with a pair of pins. Complete the look by spraying the hair with a holding gel.