Professional Tips for Shiny Hair This Summer

Summer is a great time to show off your skin and hair but in order to do that you need to maintain your look. If you are looking at ways to zap some shine into your hair then we have the perfect solutions for you. These tips will help you to strengthen your hair and add volume, bounce and shine to it.

Olive oil is known to add volume and shine to your hair. You can look out for shampoos that contain olive oil. Alternatively you can also pour some olive oil into your shampoo and use it to wash your hair. The oil will condition your hair as you wash it. So you won’t have to worry even if you use shampoo on your hair daily.

If you want to add some instant shine into your locks then use a shine enhancing serum on your hair. Normally you would need to do this after a bath when your hair is wet however you may use it on dry hair too, the only difference is that the results will vary.

If your hair is wet then you can spray on the serum on your hair or pour some on your palms and apply it evenly on your hair. This will increase the shine in a matter of seconds.

Do not use shampoo more than 2 to 3 times on your hair in summer. Shampoo washes out the natural oils from your scalp and this makes the hair dry and frizzy. In order to avoid this you must reduce the number of times you apply shampoo on your hair. If you feel the urge to wash your hair everyday then simply rinse your hair with water but do not apply any shampoo. As a rule you must use conditioner on your hair every time you apply the shampoo.

Reduce the number of times you blow dry your hair. If your hair looks dull and lacks shine then it is best if you don’t blow dry your hair at all. If you must use a dryer then use it on low heat to avoid damaging your hair.