Problems Faced By Our Skin And Hair

care-of-your-curly-hair A blister, or a rash, maybe a dry scrap on our skin, or some odd hair conditions, can be quite confusing, and irritating. Although some of these are nontoxic, but they are definitely most irritating. And to add up there are those which can be the symptoms to graver medical issues.

Here are some treatments and signs discussed on some common diseases

Acne: One of the most common skin issues of them all. This is a skin problem affecting eighty percent of us in our teens as well as twenties. Even around up to five percent of adults post twenties. Though, thought to be irrelevant or given less importance by a lot of people, this problem with the skin can leave behind permanent disfiguring marks.

Acne scars in a primary stage: After getting healed, acne leaves behind a hyper-pigment marks or red spots on the skin surface. These cannot be considered as scars, but are post-inflammatory transformations. These marks can be noticed while the skin goes through a restructuring phase, for an approximately six to twelve months.

In case if no reoccurrence of acne happens in the same area, the skin has a chance to heal by itself. However, any change in color or skin imperfection present even after a year is considered as a permanent scar.

How can we prevent early scars?

The finest method to prevent any post-inflammatory imperfections caused by acne is prevention from it. This can be possible by realizing the factors causing acne, followed by taking the proper route of treatment for different types of the disease.

Treatments for early signs of acne:

The post-inflammatory transformations from acne are a part of skin’s natural mending process; we can however practice certain medications to aid in this mending.

A regular use of a good sunscreen will help, as the vulnerable disclosure to the sun’s rays causes a high amount of skin injury, hence delaying the healing.

Hair loss is another major evil hunting us down. This occurrence although seems certain with age, however, today, it’s affecting a large mass of the society without any age discrimination. By the time we reach the seventies, approximately eighty percent of Caucasian male and forty percent of the females have a noticeable amount of thin hair.

Some common hair losses can be named as “Hereditary hair loss”, “Male pattern baldness”, and “Female pattern baldness”. Proper care and precaution can take care of such problem.

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