Preventing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common problem faced by women post pregnancy, resulting from the stretch that the stomach faces to accommodate the baby growing inside. Also the size of breasts grows during pregnancy and during lactation, leaving behind stretch marks when they shrink back to the normal size. Apart from pregnancy, stretch marks can develop at any stage of life, predominantly so because of sudden weight gain.

As goes for most health problems, prevention is better than cure, the same holds true for stretch marks. Don’t wait till you finally see those stretch marks on your body parts; instead give your body a massage with body lotion on a regular basis especially after a shower. During pregnancy make regular use of creams which prevent stretch marks, and continue the habit for a few months even after the delivery.

During pregnancy, the average weight gain is about 24 to 30 pounds, and so your skin has to stretch out a lot to accommodate this added weight. While this kind of weight gain is normal, over indulgence with the excuse of being pregnant will lead to excessive weight gain. And post delivery you are going to find it difficult to get rid of this additional weight and the stretch marks which will come complimentary.

Massaging your skin with oils on a regular basis will keep your skin healthy, elastic and well nourished. Elasticity is important to preventing the formation of stretch marks, and that comes only with regular exercise and body massages. Exercising on a regular basis will also prevent the sudden weight gain, which has been attributed as the second most common reason for the formation of stretch marks in women.

Vitamin E has shown beneficial results in not only preventing stretch marks but also in reducing the existing stretch marks. There are several creams containing vitamin E which can be used for the body massage, but if you can get pure vitamin E oil there’s nothing like it. During pregnancy, don’t just keep massaging your abdominal region and to pay good attention to your breasts as well.

Hydrated skin has better elasticity and thus better stretch mark resistance, and while you hydrate of skin from the outside with body oils and moisturizers, you should drink sufficient water to keep the skin hydrated from within.

Sidharth Thakur