Preventing Pregnancy Without Medication

The birth control pill has earned a somewhat bad reputation, although there in nothing wrong with them, and most women wan to avoid getting on to the pill. Whatever is your reason for avoiding birth control pills; there are numerous other birth control measures that can be adopted to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It’s rather better to use the alternatives than use medication for birth control, because all birth control medication does leave behind some side effects. Here are some of the best and most effective birth control alternatives that you can use to prevent pregnancies, without having to turn to birth control medication.

The condoms

There are male condoms and there are female condoms, but of the two male condoms are more effective at preventing pregnancies as they have less chances of slippage. The male condoms can offer you 97% protection against pregnancies when used properly, which is only two prevent less than the effectiveness shown by most birth control medication. And surely that two percent doesn’t matter much when you consider the possible side effects that birth control medication may leave you with. To make them more effective you can use a spermicide along with the condoms, and your chances of getting pregnant will become negligible.

The diaphragm

Well that’s another option you have to prevent pregnancies without using birth control medication. However, this birth control alternative isn’t as effective as condoms, and is believed to have a success rate of 93% only. And moreover, you need some good practice to fit in the diaphragm, into the vagina, every time before having sex. It’s a small cup like of a thing that contains spermicide and it is to be inserted in to the vagina to block the sperms from reaching the egg.


Spermicides are also an option for birth control without medication, however when used solo their effectiveness is just about 80 percent. But what’s most appealing about this form of birth control, to prevent pregnancies, is that they do not cut down on the pleasure, unlike condoms. Spermicides can be made more effective for preventing pregnancies by practicing the withdrawal technique, in which the man ejaculates outside the woman’s body.

Sidharth Thakur