Preventing Pregnancy Without Contraceptives

sexual-penetration-300x300 The fear of becoming pregnant always lingers around if you do not use contraceptives in the act of love making. Still most of the people are not comfortable using contraceptives, as some of the contraceptives seem to cut down on the pleasure aspect of having sex.

Also some people have religious beliefs which prevent them from using contraceptives. All said and done, if you want to avoid using contraceptives and still do not want to get pregnant then here are some natural ways which will work as contraceptives.

However, we must caution you that the success rate of these alternative contraceptive techniques is not more than 90 percent. But then even if you look at the regular contraceptives like condoms and pills, these too don’t have a hundred percent success rate.

If you don’t want to use contraceptives, and you also want to prevent getting pregnant, then you have just two options.  Both these techniques are fairly old, and widely practiced, as both of these techniques do not interfere with the pleasure aspect, while guarding you against unwanted pregnancies.

The withdrawal technique

This technique is all about the man pulling out his organ before ejaculation. Having to ejaculate outside your body, may not seem quite pleasing to your partner.  Also, your partner should have a good amount of self control on his organ, to prevent ejaculating inside your body. Although this is a nice technique, which allows you to experience full pleasure in your lovemaking, be warned that the success rate of this form of natural contraception method can be as low as 75 percent.

Following the cycle

Keeping track of your menstrual cycle is another way of natural contraception, since having sex during the non fertile period won’t make you pregnant. This technique works best when you are well aware about your menstrual cycle and when your menstrual cycle is very regular.

During the non fertile period, you can enjoy unrestrained sex and the best part is that you do not have to be worried about your partner ejaculating inside you, as is the case with the above mentioned technique.