Preventing Dark Circles

remedies-for-under-eye Dark circles are really worrisome for ll of us. They look ugly and you have to admit that they are very difficult to get rid off. Often due to severe stress and strain of the eye, when you get less sleep ht e skin produces melanin around the particular region and a s a result dark circles are formed  particularly under the eye.

In worst cases they are also accompanied by bulging of the muscles around the eye called as eye bags and they look really horrible. There are many beauty products available in the market that are used to remove dark circles but there are also some very effective home remedies and natural products that are also equally effective.


Potato juice is very effective in removing the dark circles around the eye. The liquid starch content of potato along with certain enzymes found in potato juice is equally effective on dark circles. You can cut potato in rings and then place a ring over each eye and after 20 minutes wash it off. You can also grate it and take out the juice and with the help of cotton apply around the eye, let it dry and then wash off. Repeat this thrice a week.


Peach is also equally effective to remove dark circles and you can apply it just like potato that is either smashed or cut it as rings and then place them over each eye.


Perhaps you do not know but milk has lightening properties. Dip a cotton ball in milk and then rub the milk around the eyes and then leave it to dry for 30 minutes and after a month you will realise the gradual lightening of the circles.

Eye is very delicate and so whatever you do make sure you do not treat the skin harshly.


  • Great tips, thanks! Eye strain can also contribute to dark circles, use the 20/20 rule to relax your eyes 🙂

  • mills

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