Preventing Cot Death

Cot death is one of the most tragic thing that can happen to a new parent with a new born baby. Cot death can happen due to several reasons, the root cause of all of it being choking on their breath and not able to breathe due to various reasons.

One of the most common reasons for choking while sleeping is being covered by way too many blankets that the baby eventually gets entangled with and starts to suffocate. You can avoid the use of blanket all together by keeping the room warm enough for the baby to feel the warmth of a blanket even without it. Don’t stuff the baby’s crib with too many things as this might lead to suffocation as well. Keep it simple and as minimal as possible. A couple of toys are alright as long as they are small enough to not cause suffocation.

If you are having your baby sleep right after feeding, don’t let the baby sleep on its stomach. Tilt him sideways so that he won’t vomit and choke on the remnants of it. This is another biggest reasons for cot deaths in children. If you must place a blanket over it, make sure you don’t place the baby at the top of the crib but at its foot. This way, the baby can’t crawl down the crib allowing the blanket to suffocate.

Allow the baby to sleep inside the crib and not by your side. You don’t need to worry about the baby’s safety. He’ll be perfectly fine. It’s more dangerous if you let the baby sleep by your side since you might accidentally end up suffocating the baby by sleeping too close to him or placing the hand over the baby causing him hard to  breathe.

Don’t keep the temperature of the room too hot neither the baby. Make your baby wear some light outfit and keep the temperature of the room within 20°c. But don’t keep the room too cold either. Just the way you make sure the feet touches the foot of the crib, try not to cover the baby’s head with anything. Smoking, as research says, can also contribute considerably to cot death. This applies to both parents and also both during pregnancy and after. Don’t let others to smoke in the same room as your baby either.