Preventing child birth with condoms

The condom manufacturers say it loud that condoms are the best and the surest way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. But despite their loud claims, it still remains that condoms are not 100% effective as a birth control method. Lots of studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of condoms, and in most studies it is proven that condoms are only 96% effective as a birth control measure.

However, incorrect use and certain other things which make condoms ineffective, put in together, their effectiveness comes down to something around 85%. Here is information on what all things make the condom ineffective as well as information on what things will help in making the condom completely effective.

What makes the condoms less effective?

•    Ecstatic and heavy thrusting can at times make the condom to split or tear. And in the heat of passion you might not even feel that the condom is torn.

•    Sometimes, as thrusting gets more intensive around climax the condom may just slip off the penis, making the whole ejaculate to pour out inside the woman’s body.

•    The condom can get puckered with nails or zippers

•    Using oil based lubricants causes damage to the condom

•    Storing the condom in a hot place can make the rubber to become delicate

•    Using a condom after its expiry date will make it completely ineffective.

How to make a condom more effective

To make the condom more effective as a birth control measure, you must avoid all the above mentioned things. And besides these, here is information on the proper use of condoms.

•    Put on the condom only after you have a full erection, and there are less chances of it slipping off mid way.

•    At the time of wearing a condom, keep the tip of the condom twisted as you unroll the condom onto your organ. This will prevent any air bubbles from forming inside the condom. Air bubbles can cause the condom to burst and tear as the thrusting increases during sex.

•    All condoms are lubricated, so there is no need to use any kind of lubrication when using condoms. However, if extra lubrication is needed use a water based lubricant only.

•    Even with a condom on, you should pull out your penis from the vagina soon after ejaculating, or else the ejaculate may leek into the vagina as the penis goes limp.