Preventing and Treating Back Acne

Acne on the upper back doesn’t just have cosmetic relevance; it can be very discomforting as well. While there are so many treatments available for treating facial acne, not all of these treatments work equally well for back acne. What makes the problem trickier is that the skin on the upper back is very thick and that this area has more sebaceous glands as compared to skin on the other body parts. Here are some highly effective tips on dealing with the problem of back acne.

First thing to work on are your clothes. Wear clothes that are not too tight, since tight clothing doesn’t allow your skin to breath properly and also because tight clothing causes too much of sweating. When sweat and dirt stick to your back skin, it becomes a favorable breeding ground for the acne causing bacteria.

Use natural fabrics like cotton, as these do not irritate the skin. Also natural fibers do not inhibit air flow to the skin. It’s also important to keep changing your clothing and undergarments, with fresh ones to prevent dirt and sweat buildup. Even in terms of detergents and fabric softeners, look for the hypoallergenic ones to rule out skin irritation, which can end up in worsening the back acne.

Keeping the back clean and dry is the most essential part of back acne treatment. Try to wash the area at least twice using anti-bacterial soap, however at the same time you must avoid over washing as this can irritate the skin. After returning from exhaustive activities its best to rush to the shower to free your skin of the sweat and dirt. Exfoliating your back skin on a weekly basis is also advisable, since buildup of dead skin cells can also block the skin pores and cause your back acne to worsen. If you can’t reach your back properly with your hands, use back brush or loofahs to apply soaps or exfoliating agents to the back and scrub the area well.

After cleaning the area use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide based creams on the affected area. These creams should be used only at night, before going to bed. Wear some white cotton clothing for sleeping, especially when using benzoyl peroxide creams as it is know to cause fading of colors.

Sidharth Thakur