Prevent Yourself From Online Dating Scams

onlinedating Online dating is a popular cult today, with nearly half of the youth population giving it a try at least once. It has become so famous over the last few years that it is estimated to be a billion dollar industry.

And with that kind of money being involved in this business, it’s but obvious that lots of scammers are also there who try to cash in some money from the unsuspecting women and men.

Every single week, thousands of online daters fall prey to these online dating scams. Here are some tips that will prevent you from becoming a victim of these online dating scams.

1. Most of the online dating scam websites may send an unsolicited e-mail to your inbox, and the offers or the potential profiles shown in the e-mail may be very enticing. Irrespective of how good the e-mail or the actual website looks, you should never register on an online dating website without making a thorough research about its reputation.

To know how good a dating site is, look for reviews about the website, using search engines. Check out forums to see whether the dating site you’re registering with is a genuine and trusted source to finding online dates.

2. The best online dating web sites do not charge any money for registration, so if you’re being asked to pay money up front, you have all the reasons to doubt the site’s genuineness.

3. When filling up the registration form, you need to be watchful about the kind of information that you’ve been asked to submit. Because, if the information asked is way too personal then it’s advisable that you do not sign up for such online dating web sites.

Do not provide your contact number and complete address when you’re filling up the form for the first time, especially so when you have even the slightest doubt about the website being genuine.  If after a few weeks you feel that the site is good and trustworthy, you can always fill in the correct contact details later on.

4. Read through the terms and conditions and the policies before registering with any online dating website. In particular, you must look for the privacy policy, to ensure that your information remains secure on their server.

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Sidharth Thakur